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This house is Helloowners

Mixed rental

200 €/Month

Single bed

Room Code: CPV1L18R3

About the Room


  • Anti-Covid19 disinfected.


  • Habitación interior de 7 m2 aproximados y cama de 90x190 cm.


  • Cabe destacar que todo el mobiliario de esta habitación es parcialmente reciente.


  • La combinación de tonos claros y detalles en colores neutros le aporta ese aire acogedor de armonía y tranquilidad.


  • Encontrarás una cama simple, una práctica mesa de trabajo, una cómoda de 3 cajones  y un armario empotrado, ideal para guardar tus pertenencias.


  • La amplia ventana interior aporta mucha luz, y a la vez mucha tranquilidad.


About the Apartment


  • Anti-Covid19 disinfected.


  • Mixed apartment for boys and girls!


  • 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


  • Very functional dining room, perfect for the coexistence of the 4 roommates.


  • From the living room you go out to a balcony with views.


  • Building with elevator and concierge.


About the Kitchen


  • Anti-Covid19 disinfected.


  • It is a nice kitchen equipped with white, beige and wood tones.


  • The kitchen has:

-Washing machine.






-100 L heater for the shower.


  • The only kitchenware available is 6 glasses, 6 plates of each type, 6 knives, 6 forks, 6 spoons, 2 pans, 2 pots and pallets for cooking.


Customized services


4 Services provided by the agency


  • The flat is delivered with anti-Covid19 cleaning included.


  • Formalization of contract between tenant and owner.


  • Delivery of keys.


  • Attention to the tenant in case of conflict with the property.


5 Services provided by the property


  • Attention to the tenant.


  • Consumption report (electricity and water).


  • Mediation between tenants in case of conflict.


  • Management of incidents.




  • Electricity, water, gas and internet, not included. (*See rental conditions).


  • Home insurance included.


  • Community expenses included.


Repairs of apartment, according to LAU:


  • The owner will be obliged to pay the repairs required by law  without the right of raise the rent to any of the tenants.


  • The tenant must pay for the small repairs required by the law.



House's rules


  • No parties.


  • Maximum 3 guest among all flatmates.


  • Smoking is not allowed.


  • No pets allowed.


Check In


  • September: Monday to Friday from 10 h to 18 h.

(If you want to do your check in out of our working hours it will have a cost of 30€ and also you have the option of hiring our Pick up service for 90€).


  • February: Monday to Friday from 15 h to 18 h.

(If you want to do your check in out of our working hours it will have a cost of 30€ and also you have the option of hiring our Pick up service for 90€).


Check Out


  • The check out for the tenants of the first semester (September-January) will be on January 31st at 9:00 am.




  • The check out for the tenants of the second semester (February-June) will be on June 30th at 9:00 am.


Rent conditions


  • Booking:

When you make the reservation of your room, the amount contributed will correspond to your first month of rent according to the contract.


  • Deposit:

On the day of your arrival you’ll deliver 300€ of deposit and helloflatmate will transfer it to the owner.

The refund of the deposit is 100% guaranteed, provided that the conditions of the contract are met.


  • Supplies:

Every 5 months of contract you have to give in advance 200€ for the supplies (water, gas and electricity).

For the 5-month contracts this amount will be delivered on the 2nd month of the contract.

For the 10-month contracts, two payments will be made, the first one on the 2nd month of contract and the second one on the 7th month of contract.


In both cases it will be regularized with the actual bills, in the case that the entire contribution has not been consumed, the difference will be returned. 

In case of overcoming it we will notify you to get the difference.


  • Wifi:

We work with a flat rate of 75€ every 5 months for the internet.


  • Agency fee:  

helloflatmate charges a fee of 150€ plus VAT (181,50€) for the processing of the contract and delivery for the registration in the competent public body.


Owner's Opinion



"The building is in very good condition and also has an elevator and a concierge."


"It is 5 minutes walk from Barrio del Carmen, it is perfect."


“Here you have the closest supermarket and very close to the health center.”


Benimaclet is a multicultural neighborhood with a lot of personality. In it, working class families coexist with a large number of temporary student residents, mostly international students.

Benimaclet, in my opinion is one of the best connected neighborhoods in the city, by tram to the beach it is less than 10 minutes and from the center it is about a 15 minute walk.

 It is a neighborhood with nightlife, both for its restaurants and for the numerous entertainment venues. They have their own cultural agenda, with activities, concerts, monologues etc.

In Benimaclet we have a small list of shared apartments, adapted to students.

Welcome to Valencia !, Welcome to helloflatmate!

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This house is Helloowners

Mixed rental

200 €/Month

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