What is hellorooms?

The student rooms in Valencia, hellorooms are apartments that we fully manage.

You will not have to manage anything with the owner of the apartment and within the hours of 10 to 18 hours you can always communicate with us freely.

In the same way you will also have a phone number to call us in case of emergency after business hours.

Breakdown of services:

  • We take care of finding students who come to study in the city.
  • We formalize contracts with students.
  • To prepare the floors.
  • We check in.
  • We are in contact with flatmates 24/7.
  • We manage maintenance.
  • We report consumption of supplies.

Hellorooms FAQ:


Do I have to pay any commission to rent or reserve the room?

Hellorooms rooms have NO real estate commission. Helloflatmate pays the landlord a percentage of the rent.

Is there a cost to formalize the contract?


Having a legal contract, subject to the civil code, that guarantees rights and obligations for each of our flatmates entails extra work for the agency.

Due to our experience as students abroad, we consider it essential for the safety and tranquility of our tenants.

The formalization of the contract has a cost of € 150 plus VAT (€ 181.50).

Welcome day:


Once you have booked through our website you will receive an email from our agents to organize your arrival. Follow the instructions of our agents and be the first to organize your arrival with helloflatmate and avoid stress.

Where do I have to go once I get to Valencia?

● We will be waiting for you from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in our offices from Monday to Friday to formalize the contract and deliver the keys.

● If you wish to check in outside of our working hours, it will cost € 30 where one of our agents will meet you at the apartment to deliver the keys.

● If you want a pick up with airport pick up it will cost € 90 where we will take you home and deliver the keys.

Do I have to do something when I get to the apartment?

Once you arrive at the apartment, check that everything is working correctly and in case something is broken or dirty, notify through the WhatsApp group that we will have created for communication between the tenants of the same apartment and the owner.

You will have 3 days to report from the moment of arrival.

Note: If there are already flatmates on the floor when you arrive, it is possible that the common areas are no longer in perfect condition.

If I arrive at the apartment on September 15 for example, do I have to pay the whole month?


● The room is charged for a whole month, if you make a reservation on August 25 to enter the room from September 15 to June 30, the full month must be paid as it may occur in the event that there was a person who wanted to enter earlier and the property would lose benefits.

● If a flatmate contracts a room on the 15th of a month to enter the 16th, they will only pay the proportional part of the month.

What household items are on the floors?

All apartments are equipped with the same kitchenware:

  • 6 Glasses
  • 6 Plates
  • 6 soup plates
  • 6 Dessert plates
  • 6 Forks
  • 6 Round point knives
  • 6 Saw knives
  • 6 Tablespoons
  • 6 Dessert spoons
  • 1 Spatula, bucket, skimmer
  • 1 Opener or corkscrew
  • 2 Pots
  • 2 Pans

At the end of the tenants contract, the stock of the household items will be reviewed, and any loss or breakage of the material supplied will be deducted from the tenant's deposit.

Internet and invoices:

Is there an internet? How are internet payments made?

Yes, all homes have 300 megabytes Wi-Fi Internet or Movistar.

Every 5 months of the contract € 200 is contributed in advance of supplies.

In contracts of 5 months it will be delivered in month 2 of the contract to the owner.

In 10-month contracts, two deliveries will be made, the first in month 2 of the contract and the second in month 7 of the contract to the owner.

In both cases the owner will regularize with the actual invoices, in the event that the entire contribution has not been consumed, the difference will be returned.

In case of exceeding it, the owner will notify you to regularize.

Are invoices included?

Invoices are not included.

You should know that our flatmates are exempt from paying the building's community expenses (elevator, stair cleaning, building repairs, etc.).

How do we pay the bills?

The day of your arrival is when the contract is formalized, at which time you must pay € 150, in advance of supplies.

This amount is delivered to the owner.

Generally and with responsible consumption, this advance of money should be enough to cover your expenses for water, electricity and gas.

In case of consuming more than what is contributed, the owner may require a small advance for future invoices


What deposit do I have to provide? When and how do I do it?

As with any rental, a deposit is given in case of non-payments or damages caused by the tenant in the dwelling / room.

Hellorooms rooms are subject to a deposit of € 350 if they have their own bathroom or terrace. For the rest of the rooms the deposit to be delivered is € 300.

What happens if I want to break the contract?


● If you want to break the contract because the apartment you are in is not in good condition and the owner does not want to take care of the relevant repairs, please contact helloflatmate so that we can speak to the owner.

● If you want to break the contract for any other reason, unfortunately, the deposit will be kept by the owner for breach of contract, but you will NOT be responsible for the payment of the rest of the monthly payments.

● helloflatmate agrees on the FlatMate with the owner, a series of clauses so that the tenant does not pay the rest of the remaining months, thus appearing in the contract that you sign.

Will I never have to pay the remaining months if I leave the apartment?

If your behavior at home has been correct, you should not.

But if you are expelled from the house because the behavior has been disrespectful towards your colleagues, agents, neighbors or you live in unhygienic conditions and do not comply with the rules of coexistence typical of a neighborhood, you must pay these monthly payments as It appears in the contract that you sign.

Why should I pay if I am evicted from the home?

Very simple, helloflatmate works very hard obtaining apartments and owners who want to rent to students and negotiates with the owners to sign contracts of 5 or 10 months duration, allowing the tenant to save money by not being obliged to make a contract of at least one year.

The owner is not responsible for the departure of the tenants if living with one of their colleagues is bad. (Example: throw parties).

In case you are expelled for bad cohabitation, you must pay all the remaining monthly payments until the end of your contract.

If a tenant decides to leave for reasons beyond their control, the remaining tenant / s must pay the unoccupied room, in equal parts, if the owner stops receiving all the rental.

Do I have a 5 month contract? What do I have to do if I want to renew the contract until June?

In order for your room / Apartment not to go public for the next 5 months, you have to notify helloflatmate 3 months before the end of your contract, so that helloflatmate will proceed to block the availability of your room.

Once this is done, come to the office deliver the € 150 plus VAT and renew the contract.

Have I lost the keys to the flat? What I do?

If you have lost the keys or they have been stolen, you should contact the owner through the WhatsApp group.

We will organize the change of keys and lock as soon as possible.

This cost of replacing keys must be paid by the person who lost the keys.

When is the deposit returned?

As in any rental in Spain, the bonds are returned once the water, electricity and gas bills are issued by the different companies.

For this reason, the return may be delayed by one month, since the issuance of said invoice is made the same day that the property signed the contract with the different electricity, water, gas companies. , etc.

During the waiting period the property will make a visit to the property to assess its condition.

What do I do if I have problems living with my flatmates?

The first thing you should do is contact the owner and explain exactly what is happening, so that you can assess the situation and act in the most convenient way.

And if you want you can also contact helloflatmate.

What happens if a roommate causes serious problems with living together?

If the coexistence problems come because one of the tenants does not comply with the contract, they may be expelled from the apartment, the deposit will be withdrawn and the property can claim the remaining months until the end of the contract.


How can I cancel my reservation and get my money back?


● 100% will be refunded if you decide to cancel 30 days before the start of the contract.


What day is the rent paid?

The monthly payment must be effective between the 20th and 25th of each month in advance.

For example: Between April 20 and 25, you must pay the May rent.

What is paid for the room reservation through the helloFlatmate website?

The person who reserves the room is paying the first month of the contract for the selected room together with the payment of the agency fee.


Are repairs included in helloflatmate services?

The owner manages the maintenance of the apartment, but only covers the repairs that correspond to him by the Law of Urban Leases (LAU).

When is property damage due? And to the tenants?

Repairs to electrical appliances, TVs, boilers, fuses, etc., that break down due to normal use are required by the owner to repair or replace them and you must contact helloflatmate so that we can manage the incident.

If maintenance personnel detect that the breakdown has been caused by misuse of tenants, they must be held responsible.

If they are not responsible, the owner will be empowered to act in the way they deem most convenient, but always within the current legislation and under the supervision of helloflatmate.


Who will I share a flat with?

helloflatmate houses students or young people in internships of companies of various nationalities, as long as they are under 30 years of age.

Are there girls-only flats?

helloflatmate has mixed flats and girls only flats.

Can family and friends come to visit me and sleep on the floor?

Sure, no problem, but you have to report to the office and talk to your flatmates and everyone agrees.

Are pets allowed?